Charity foundation running a long-term project to provide assistance to children who lost one or both parents during the Russian war in Ukraine
If you know a
child who
because of war,
lost one or both parents
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our mission
There is a second front of the Russian war against Ukraine – and it is populated by children who have lost a mother or father in this horrible conflict. They are not equipped to fight themselves, are unable to call out for help, and cannot apply to the Hague for support. But we must not forget them. They are vitally important to building the future of our country. We are morally obliged to help these Children of Heroes.
Thus, our mission is to support the orphans of war by blanketing them with care, warmth and security as we rebuild our country and our lives. In doing so, we will be thanking them for the contributions that their parents made and giving them the strength to overcome their tragic loss. Our goal is to help mold these children into the best representatives of the Ukrainian nation and integrate them into the global community.
Children are helpless in face of war.
Let’s help them together.
founding team
Our founding team comprises reputable Ukrainian entrepreneurs, investment professionals, and other like-minded and mission-driven Ukrainians. Some team members have previously founded and led non-profits, contributing to Ukraine’s economic and social development. Previously, we acquired a robust knowledge of making a lasting positive impact, as proved by partnerships with the world’s leading developmental financial institutions and international organizations.

Founding partner organizations include Diligent Capital Partners and Edinstvo Group.
what we do
Ours is a long-term project that begins now, when the needs of these children are most acute, and will continue until the youngest ward celebrates their 18th birthday and are able to live their lives on their own.
Provide with shelter, food, clothing, medicals, psychological support, and financial security
Immediate Assistance
Help with quality education (incl. study of foreign languages), allow to develop passions and talents; pair with mentors; facilitate adoption, where required
Long-Term Support
If you know a
child, who
Please let us know as soon as possible. We will help them get to a safe place and settle down. We will provide them with immediate support and everything they need.
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lost one or both parents
Let’s help these Children of Heroes!
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1. If you want to help financially
It will help us to create an endowment, which will ensure that all children are able to access high-quality education, medicine, cover all their basic needs and make their dreams come true
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2. If you want to help non-financially
Financially is not the only way how you can help as children's needs are diverse. Fill out the form below, and we will get in touch with you soon.
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3. If you want to be a volunteer
We will be glad to see you in our team. We are looking for psychologists and local representatives for children. And volunteers to take children out of dangerous areas, deliver food and medicine.
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Let's help them together!